House at the End of the Street

Elissa is a girl who just moved in to a very pretty house with her mom. They could only afford it because of the murdered that had happened in the neighboring house. The people in the neighborhood said that four years ago a girl killed her parents with a hammer while they were sleeping. Now the only one that live their was the girl’s big brother Ryan. Elissa and Ryan started hanging out against Elissa’s mom better judgement. Ryan was always bullied because of what had happened and Elissa always defended him. Strange things started to happen around Elissa and she starts figuring out things on her own.

I watched this movie with my sister and cousin. We ended up all tangled in the edge of the couch, and my cousin almost left me deaf. It is not a terror movie, it is a suspense movie.

Director: Mark Tonderai

Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Max Thieriot, Gil Bellows, Elisabeth Shue



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